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The Mechanical Bird: The Tale of Two Ladies (Book 1)

Alicia Reynard dreams the impossible. Flying a mechanical bird across the sky. There's only one problem.

She hasn't invented it yet, and she doesn't have the means too. Alicia is a poor country girl destined for farm life. There isn't time to think of flying.

But, the royal court opens the doors to the University of Aeterall for women across the country.

For Alicia, it’s an opportunity of a lifetime. Will she rise to the challenge or remain grounded?

If you dream big, then you'll love The Tale of Two Ladies, the first book of The Mechanical Bird a brand new aspirational, coming of age fantasy series.

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The Mechanical Bird: The Country Girl and Noblewoman (Book 2)

Alicia Reynard is a poor country girl. Elena Singleton is an unsocialble socialite.

They come from different worlds, but they have one thing in common.. Ambition.

At the The University of Aeterall, school is in session, a first for many women like Alicia and Elena who are getting an opportunity of a lifetime.

But, success is more than an education. It's change. Will ambition be enough?

Find out in The Country Girl and Noblewoman, the second book of The Mechanical Bird, a brand new inspirational, coming of age fantasy series.

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